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A first online studio made out of foley artists, mixers, and editors united from all corners of Ukraine.

Illia Popel, Dmytro Kniazhechenko

Who are we?

Our names are Illia and Dmytro, working side by side for the last 7 years we have transformed the definition of friendship into brotherhood. Together, we've established an independent official post-production sound studio called "Mad Friends". Mad as the journey we've had along the way, one by one turning our fantasy into actuality.

Mad Friends' principal goal is to expand sound design and promote filmmaking. We live by a motto that in union of our strengths, the world can turn a little brighter.

In our lifetime we've had the pleasure to collaborate with leading Ukrainian foley studious. You can access some of our works on the
About us page.

What do we do?


Foley Recording

We record detailed and authentic sound for your movies, series, animations, games, and commercial projects 



We breathe new life into the motion, objects, and weather itself, making your project powerful and dramatic


Sound Design

With our bespoke sound we offer full immersion of any viewer and gamer into created worlds 


Film Score

The string of emotions will strike anyone's heart with pieces created by our masterful composer


Stereo or 5.1 Mix

A polished all-components mix is a must for audience's pleasant experience and the creators' pride

Why Choose Us?


Goosebumps Sound

Unique, intricate, and rich sound



Delivered on time, on budget, wherever you are in the world



We work with LucidLink with a Full Encryption System cloud technology 


"Stay strong" Studio

Outsourced employees make us stronger in times of any emergencies

Some facts in numbers


Happy clients

Our clients are our partners. For them, our first-rate work is aimed to result in 2 simple steps: import and play. 


Years of expertise

With recruitment of naturally skilled folks, we create a close-knit family of professionals. Family, in which each employee puts his talent to work.



Since the studio's recent founding, we've been nominated for two International Sound Awards.

Where are we located?

Good evening, we are from Kyiv, Ukraine.


Want to work with us?

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Support the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the Russian invasion