Who are we?

Mad Friends is the first online post-production house to any producer, director, filmmaker, and artist.We also see it as our mission to make each of our employees a happy artist, displayed in the work they do and our customers' enjoyment.Our philosophy is to enjoy. Enjoy your work, enjoy every project, and most importantly –Enjoy the Sound!

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Dmytro Kniazhechenko

CEO / Foley mixer

Dmytro has more than 8 years of experience in sound production. He has mastered the art of Foley recording and sound design. Now, he aims to incorporate his expertise into our company.

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Illia Popel

Sound supervisor / Re-recording mixer

For the last 10 years, Illia has continued to surprise each director, producer, and re-recording mixer with his view of sound. His basic principle "Enjoy the Sound" has been proven time and time again.

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Danylo Horokhov

Foley artist

Danylo is an irreplaceable specialist in a foley industry. There is no sound which he wouldn't be able to reproduce or create anew.

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Roman Knyazhechenko

Foley Editor

Roman is the most experienced sound editor. For the past years, he has devoted himself entirely to the issue of perfect editing and authenticity of sound.

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Andrew Savin

Foley/ Sound Editor

Andrew is a bright star of our team, with two of Ukraine's most popular podcasts coming out of his hands. Now he is working with us side by side, assuring our partners' happiness.

Kyrylo Demianov

Kyrylo Demianov

Sound Desinger/ Editor

Over the last few years, Kyrylo has dedicated himself to the art of movie sound design. He is able to make the most bespoke and dynamic sound for projects of any scale.

Our Goals


Making impression

We do everything in our power to make every spectator feel amazed. 


Accessible to all

We want to make quality sound more accessible for any filmmaker, ranging from indie to big studios.


Friendly area

We implement a comfortable and creative atmosphere for each Mad Friend of our studio.

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